Non-Surgical Chin And Cheek Augmentation

May 5, 2023

Non-Surgical Chin And Cheek Augmentation




The Youthful Face


The youthful face is shaped in a V with the base of the triangle at the eyebrows and the point of triangle at the chin. In youth the cheeks create facial structure and lift the tissues.  Prominent cheek bones are a hallmark of a beautiful face. 

As we age, our cheeks flatten and hollow out, and midface tissues begin to drift downward with gravity, nasolabial folds deepen, the lower eyelids lengthen, and the tissues accumulate at the chin and jawline inverting the V-shaped face of youth. In the aging face the point of the triangle is between the eyebrows and the base of the triangle is at the chin and jawline which emphasizes the jowls and causes a loss of facial harmony, balance and beauty. 


Dermal Fillers


Injectable fillers are the cornerstone of facial sculpting and allow for three-dimensional augmentation of the chin and cheeks providing contour enhancement. Dermal fillers such as Voluma®, Restylane® Lyft and Radiesse® have been created to correct aging changes. Volume restoration in the cheeks creates a healthy and youthful appearance and recreates the facial V-shape of youth. Adding volume to the chin to correct mild to moderate chin recession or a weak chin can also be accomplished with these dermal fillers. 


About Chin Augmentation


The chin and jawline are important components critical to the perception of facial attractiveness that conveys beauty and youth. A well-contoured chin and jawline are desirable and are a defining feature of masculinity and femininity.  Men who seek to enhance a masculine feature will desire a well-defined chin. Women, especially those with an oval or heart shaped face, may desire to strengthen the chin and jawline to improve facial contours.

A weak or recessive chin may be a natural feature or the result of aging. A weak chin can make your nose look larger. Nonsurgical chin augmentation can improve the appearance of your nose, and jawline, improve the look of sagging jowls, a thick neck, unbalanced profile and an asymmetrical chin. The goal of chin augmentation is to improve or restore the contours and proportions of the face to enhance beauty. 

Surgical chin augmentation involves a chin implant which provides a permanent solution. Many patients desire improvement but prefer nonsurgical augmentation to avoid the risks and expense of surgery and recovery. Chin augmentation is also an option for patients considering a chin procedure to test out a new chin before surgery.

 Nonsurgical chin augmentation is a good option for patients who are unhappy with their chin because it is not in proportion with or is out of balance with the rest of the face, or is asymmetrical, lacks definition and redefine the chin

    • Improve the appearance of a recessive chin

    • Fix an out of proportion or asymmetrical chin


About Cheek Augmentation


Facial rejuvenation begins with the midface. To restore or enhance midface volume, which is lost with aging, women may desire cheek augmentation. Cheek augmentation provides lift and definition; and restores a youthful appearance and femininity. 

 A majority of individuals have a shorter, fuller side of the face, and a longer, thinner side. The fuller side is usually the more attractive side in youth and even appears younger with age. Cheek augmentation can also be used to improve facial symmetry for a more harmonious appearance.

 Cheek augmentation is commonly accomplished with a surgical procedure to insert implants over the cheek bones to add volume to the middle third of the face. However, with the evolution of facial fillers Dr. Hashemi can now restore cheek volume and enhance contours to improve facial aesthetics. 

 Dr. Pantea Hashemi is an expert in structural facial rejuvenation. In the hands of an expert, restoration of facial volume offers facial rejuvenation without surgery. Dr. Hashemi can restore youthful characteristics with dermal fillers. 


Your Consultation


During your consultation with Dr. Hashemi listen to your concerns and expectations. To achieve safe and aesthetically pleasing results it is critical for Dr. Hashemi to perform a thorough assessment of your face. She will evaluate your facial features including how your chin length and projection should be in balance with your lips and nose. 

 Based on her solid understanding of the essential anatomy, the effects of aging, and the proper injection techniques to achieve optimal outcomes; risks and complications, she will make recommendations on how to achieve your goals.


Schedule a consultation and discover your inner potential for a perfect smile.


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