Unlocking the Power of Neurotoxins: Discovering their Beauty and Therapeutic Potential

May 18, 2023

Neurotoxins (Botox®, Dysport®, Xeomin®, Jeuveau®)


Facial expressions are the result of muscle contractions. Over time, with repeated facial expressions these contractions create visible lines and grooves which make us look older and can be even misconstrued as fatigue, anger, anxiety, sadness and fear. The grooves and wrinkles caused by the muscles of facial expression are called dynamic wrinkles.


What are neurotoxins and how do they work?


Neurotoxins are wrinkle relaxers for nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. Neurotoxins are injectables containing the neuromodulating substance botulinum toxin A. They are used aesthetically to reduce muscle activity that causes dynamic wrinkles at the brow, crow’s feet, bunny lines, lines around the mouth, dimpled chin, mouth frowns, platysmal bands and horizonal neck lines. 


Injection of neurotoxins temporarily relaxes the muscles of facial expression and smooths dynamic wrinkles. When injected by an expert, they will not eliminate facial expressions. However, neurotoxin injections can treat and prevent unintentional habits such as facial grimacing. When received on a regular schedule, injections can even prevent formation of new dynamic wrinkles and reduce the severity of existing dynamic wrinkles.


Injections of neurotoxins do not stop the aging process but can help to slow the visible signs of aging caused by muscle contractions. Treatment is quick and easy with no downtime and in the right hands can produce superior results. In fact, they are very popular because they work so well. Nonsurgical facial rejuvenation can improve your quality of life and satisfaction with your appearance without worry about safety. However, results are technique dependent. 


Brands of Neurotoxins

There are four FDA approved neurotoxins:


  • Botox® is the most popular and the name is commonly used to represent all neurotoxins. It contains the active ingredient – botulism toxin A, with proteins to restore a youthful appearance. Botox onset is usually 5-7 days. The results are reliable and predictable.
  • Dysport® works the same as Botox but has a unique formula with different characteristics. Dysport was created to reduce the risk of resistance to Botox by eliminating the added proteins. Dysport has a faster onset of 1-2 days after treatment and may last longer than Botox for some patients.
  • Xeomin® is another injectable neurotoxin with slight differences from Botox. It was created to reduce the risk of developing resistance to Botox.  Xeomin works like Botox with the same duration, dosing and onset time; and same efficacy and safety. Patients who don’t achieve the desired effects from Botox or Dysport may have a better response with Xeomin. Effects last 3-6 months.
  • Jeuveau® is a newer formulation and a Botox alternative.  The safety and effectiveness are similar to Botox. Treatment takes about 3-5 days to take effect and lasts about 3-6 months, but duration varies depending on each individual’s metabolism.


What are the neurotoxin applications?


The most common application treats deep forehead creases, brow lines and furrows, vertical glabellar lines also known as the ‘angry 11s” and crow’s feet. Expanded use based on experience and efficacy include:

  • Too smooth chin dimpling caused by chin muscle contractions
  • To diminish bunny lines on the nose between the eyes
  • To soften nasolabial folds, the grooves that run from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth
  • To reduce the appearance of deep upper lip lines
  • To relax the lines over the cheek area
  • To enhance facial symmetry
  • To lift the corners of the mouth by relaxing the muscles that pull down the corners of the mouth which will reduce the appearance of marionette lines from the corners of the mouth to the chin and improve your smile!
  • To create a chemical browlift by raising and leveling droopy brows to open the eyes and raises the brow for a more rested appearance.
  • Release and smooth neck bands sometimes referred to a chemical neck lift. Only treating the face and leaving the neck bands and jowls will give your age away. The neck muscles can be relaxed to reduce their pull on the jawline and lift the jowls. 
  • Reshape a square jaw line. Injections into the muscles of the jaw can reduce the appearance of a square jaw, soften the shape of the face, and make your lower face appear slimmer.  


Your Consultation


The key to success with neurotoxins is injector expertise. Dr. Pantea Hashemi is a board-certified dermatologist in Sacramento California. She is a Castle Connolly Top Doctor and specializes in skin cancer, and cosmetic and laser surgery. Dr. Hashemi is also an expert aesthetic injector of dermal fillers and neurotoxins. She has the eye of an artist and the professional skills of an expert. Contact her at The Sacramento Skin Clinic to schedule a consultation and learn about all youth enhancing services she offers.


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