What our customers say

“Having been a patient of Dr. Hashemi for years, I am impressed with her consistent professionalism, precision and steadfastness. She is someone you can trust and rely on!”

Lindsay S.

“Dr. Hashemi is a miracle worker! She has the eye of an artist and the most incredibly helpful and knowledgeable staff. When I leave, I feel like I have been on a two-week vacation. Feeling rested, confident and younger.”

Jackie J.

“I look forward to every visit with Dr. Hashemi. She is such a pleasure and very knowledgeable. I’ve only had wonderful experiences here, from the moment I walk into until I leave.”

Rick B.

“First experience and they treated me perfectly with good mix of empathy and information. I was very impressed with the entire staff. They were very attentive and put me at ease. I have been there once so far, and I received excellent professional care delivered with pure kindness. Dr. Hashemi is extremely knowledgeable and very confident. She is the sweetest and most compassionate doctor I have ever been to.”

James S.

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