The Non-Invasive Butt Lift: Sculpt a Beautiful Butt – Without Surgery!

Mar 10, 2023

The Non-Invasive Butt Lift: Sculpt a Beautiful Butt – Without Surgery!

Are you considering a Brazilian butt lift? In the age of celebrity Instagram, many people crave a perfect, beautifully toned butt that’s sexy and alluring. Unfortunately, age and gravity are not always on our side. Pregnancy, significant weight loss, and genetics can reduce the roundness and plumpness of the buttocks, leading to a flatter, unappealing derrière. Some have turned to surgical Brazilian butt lifts to tone up their beauty.

It’s an expensive and invasive procedure in which fat is harvested from other areas of the body and transferred to the buttocks. It’s also one of the most dangerous cosmetic surgeries available. Surgical butt lifts are not ideal for skinny people who might not have enough fat to harvest. The fat also tends to be absorbed into the body over time – multiple treatments are often needed to achieve desired results.

Fortunately, those who wish to avoid the pain and inconvenience of surgery can still achieve a sculpted, beautiful butt through more natural means. A non-invasive butt lift, also known as a butt shot, provides derrière augmentation using dermal fillers. Butt injections are a way of achieving a fuller, younger-looking beauty without the need to recover from surgery.

What is a Non-Surgical BBL?

A non-surgical BBL uses dermal filters to enhance the buttocks with volume, shape, and curve. The result is a beautifully sculpted derrière without anesthesia, scars, or major recovery. Get a more rounded, younger and attractive backside without going under a knife.

What Kind of Fillers are Used in a Non-Invasive Butt Lift?

The dermal fillers used in non-invasive BBL include Radiesse and Sculptra.

Radiesse is an injectable biostimulatory filler that lifts and contours the buttocks, adding plumpness and shape while reducing cellulite. Its effects are immediately satisfying, with results that will last for years.

Sculptra is another dermal filler made of Poly-L-Lactic Acid that naturally stimulates collagen production for more boosted, rounder buttocks with great definition and curve. Multiple butt shots are usually required, but the results are long-lasting and beautiful. Your body naturally produces collagen, leading to a fuller and younger appearance.

What is the Difference Between a Surgical and a Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift?

Safety is a critical difference between a surgical and a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift. A traditional Brazilian butt lift is considered by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons to be one of the riskiest cosmetic surgeries. Surgical butt lifts have an alarming rate of mortality – as high as 1 death for every 3,000 performed, far surpassing other cosmetic surgery procedures.

Recovery time is another major drawback. You can expect the swelling from a surgical butt lift to last six weeks. Sitting is limited and painful. Regular activity, desk work, and even relaxing in a chair can be difficult and somewhat excruciating. 

While a non-invasive butt lift may require several procedures to achieve the desired effects, no recovery time is needed. You may feel some slight soreness for a few days, but you’ll still be able to sit, work, and live comfortably following the procedure. 


Why Consider a Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift?

Through a non-invasive BBL, we can create a beautifully sculpted, toned and enhanced backside without surgery. A butt shot treatment specially designed for your unique needs can minimize sagging pockets of fat, add curves and body, sculpt and firm the buttocks for a sexy, hourglass figure. Butt injections add youth and form for a beauty that will turn heads.

A system of butt shots can help tighten and lift saggy butt cheeks for perfect form. It builds, tightens, and rounds out gluteal muscles. Dimples are minimized, and curvature is added to enhance the shape. 

In addition to a sculpted derrière, you’ll also boost your self-confidence with a perfect body that looks younger and more attractive. Your transformation can enhance other areas of your life, such as social likeability, satisfied well-being, dating, and career success. 

What’s a Non-Invasive BBL Procedure Like?

First, we gently numb the areas to be treated. We then inject the dermal fillers. The entire butt shot procedure takes about an hour. Each treatment is uniquely customized to your body’s needs and the desired effects. Injections are applied to the exact regions that need plumping and contour. There’s an art to the process that only a trained and experienced cosmetic dermatologist can achieve.

Radiesse is injected more on the surface of the skin, while Sculptra injections use a cannula or needles. Once injected, the dermal fillers are gently massaged and evenly distributed for ideal placement to achieve the best shape. 

Dr. Pantea Hashemi has years of experience performing non-invasive BBLs to deliver ideal results. She’s a dermatologist who has helped numerous men and women achieve younger, fuller, sexier bodies without the need for surgery. 

It all begins with a consultation with Dr. Hashemi. She’ll listen to your concerns, goals, and desires for your body. Every patient is unique – each procedure must be customized to your needs and ideals. Injections into the upper buttocks fill in missing volumes. Injections into the sides can bring out the hips. Butt shots in the center of the buttock will add lift and shape to round out the projection. Whatever your goals for your body, Dr. Hashemi can design a custom approach to bring out the ideal you.

Want the perfect body? Looking for a derrière that’s attractive and alluring? It all starts with a scheduled consultation. Discover how Dr. Hashemi can help you feel younger, more beautiful, and more confident like never before. 


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